Edmarc – Hope For The Journey

Edmarc was founded in 1978 and was the first pediatric hospice in the country.  They are located locally in Hampton Roads, and each day Edmarc works with families who have a child with a life limiting illness.  They support families with in home nursing care, as well as provide, emotional and logistical support for families so that children who are ill, can stay in their home with their families.

Unlike traditional adult hospice programs, children at Edmarc can continue to seek treatment for their condition.  It is an unthinkable prospect to have a child whose life will be limited by illness.  Edmarc steps in to support local families at the darkest days of their lives, and they do this at no cost to families ever; and Edmarc offer’s their services with grace, compassion and courage.

With the sale of each home, I donate enough to cover one month of nursing supplies for one of the in-home nurses at Edmarc.  It is in honor of each of my clients and is a closing gift that we all feel good about.  There is truly no place like home, and when a child is seriously ill in Hampton Roads, they deserve to stay in their home with their family. 

For more information visit Edmarc.org